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CNC Press Brake Machine Manufacturer in India

The CNC press brake machine is used for bending the metal sheets, plate, and bars with help of pressing tools. These press break machines are well-known in the industry for their reliable operation, extended lifespan, precise outputs, ease of maintenance, and sturdy design. In numerous different industries, the offered press break machines are utilised for riveting, broaching, embossing, straightening, pressing, drawing, bending, breaking, and jointing. Many different manufacturing industries use this machine. Purchase the high power CNC hydraulic press brake machine for sheet metal bending and curving.

Every machine in the metal industry performs a separate set of tasks. The Pusaan India is the best CNC press brake machine manufacturer in India. Our Company manufactures CNC press brake machine in India, which are highly valued in the industrial sector. Our machine is of the highest calibre and provides the best services. CNC press brake machine are widely employed in the industry nowadays. Pusaan India Automation PVT LTD are press brake machine supplier at best price in India.

CNC Press Brake Machine
Press Brake Machine

We also deal in small Press Brake machines. You can now purchase CNC press brake machine. These machine run entirely automatically. Our CNC Press Brake machine price and quality is better than other in the market. For additional information you can contact us directly our customer care will always help you.

Machine Features

Advantages of Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Shearing Machine

Metal sheets, plates, and bars are cut using a shearing machine blades. This machine is employed in a variety of construction-related sectors. Purchase cost-effective high-strength shearing machine to cut alloys and other sheet metal.Shearing and press braking machine are manufactured in India by Pusaan Automation Pvt. Ltd. Additionally, our business produces CNC press brake machines in India. In the industrial sector, our high strength shearing machine is a very subpar machine. Pusaan Automation Pvt. Ltd. uses industrial machines in its work. You can now purchase a hydraulic shearing machine. These CNC plate shear machines are totally automatic. We offer hydraulic shearing machines for less than the going rate on the market.You can contact us directly for more information. Our customer support will always help you.

Shearing Machine
Shearing Machine 1
Shearing Machine 2

Machine Features

Features of the CNC press brake machine

CNC press brake machine include a variety of features and traits that can be useful to you in a variety of ways. The standard features that Accurl includes with their CNC press brake machine are listed below. These are the standard features you will discover, though you can customise them to suit your needs.

  • It offers the CNC DELEM DA53T system that supports 2D graphics (color)
  • It is equipped with Lazer Safe dual beam photocells.
  • It consists of a hydraulic system from Hoerbiger
  • It consists of optical scales from GIVI
  • It provides the renowned high efficiency class IE3 motor.
  • It has the Accurl Pro, which is its very own wave crowning system.
  • It is an electrical cabinet constructed using Siemens and Schnider components.
    These are the standard characteristics, though different features could be present depending on the model. Once more, the devices can be highly customised to meet your needs.

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