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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Benefits of Investing in CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Why would you invest in a CNC plasma cutting machine as opposed to a laser or waterjet is a question we are frequently asked.

Each form of profiling machine has advantages and disadvantages; in this article, I’ll try to elaborate on some of the factors that convince many businesses to purchase a CNC plasma cutter:


The price of plasma cutters can vary significantly depending on the features needed, just like the price of most CNC machines. However, they are typically the most affordable choice when purchasing a profile cutting machine. The most expensive alternative is using a laser cutting machine, with waterjets falling somewhere in the between.


A further achievement for plasma cutting technology. When making your comparison, much like with any machinery purchase, you must take power usage, consumables, gases & compressed air, and routine maintenance into account. Running a plasma cutter typically costs around 25% less than running a laser cutter and 50% less than running a waterjet.


Without comparing production rates, no cost comparison could be deemed complete. While CNC plasma cutters really shine when processing thicker plates, with typical cutting rates being significantly greater than with other techniques, laser cutting is by far the fastest way to cut thin sheet material. On comparable materials, waterjet is substantially slower than laser and plasma.

Less complex adjustments are needed when using CNC plasma cutting. Because of technological advancements, smaller setups can now benefit from faster cutting and increased production.


High Definition plasma has made it possible to work more quickly and precisely than with earlier plasma technology. The latest plasma machines now offer exceptional cut quality with very little bevel and a virtually dross-free finish, all while maintaining production feed rates. While laser and waterjet still have the advantage in terms of edge squareness, the latter technology also has the benefit when it comes to edge quality. The quality of a plasma cut part is typically more than enough for a fabrication setting.


The “brain” of the entire system is the CNC control of the plasma cutting machine of your choice. The majority of contemporary CNC controls can operate with various toolpath files. In order to reduce waste, some additionally incorporate CAM nesting and optimisation tools. Others also include CAD drawing software. The filtration equipment and other auxiliary devices will be operated under the guidance of the CNC control.

At Pusaan India, all our plasma cutting systems are full turnkey setups with a range of add-on accessories. We are CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer in India. Regardless of your application, you must ensure that the CNC plasma cutting machine you purchase satisfies your needs before making an investment. If you need assistance choosing the best course of action for your company, don’t be afraid to contact our Support Team.

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