What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

The fiber laser cutting machine has become a widely utilized, highly efficient piece of cutting equipment in modern industry due to the ongoing advancement and development of industrial technology. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of machine, though? Today we will take stock of:

Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In the metal fabrication industry, fiber laser cutting machine have become an innovation due to their many benefits for manufacturers and operators alike. The following are a few benefits of using a fiber laser cutting machine:

High accuracy: The accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine is another benefit. These machine can make incredibly exact and precise cuts by using a focussed laser beam. This lowers the requirement for human touch-up work by making it much simpler to construct intricate designs.

Variety of materials: Fiber laser cutting machine can cut a wide range of materials, including plastics, composites, and much more, although their specialization in cutting metal. Because of this, they are incredibly adaptable and can handle practically any task with just one machine.

Low operating costs: Compared to other metal cutting methods, fiber lasers use remarkably little energy. Because of this, the machine may provide outputs at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Superior edge quality: Fiber laser cutting machines are renowned for their ability to produce edges that are clear, smooth, and require little cleaning or finishing. Because of the large reduction in post-cutting labor costs, the product can go through manufacturing cycles more quickly.

High velocity: Compared to other metal cutting techniques like plasma cutting, fiber laser cutting machine have quicker speeds. This allows for precise cuts in a short length of time, making it perfect for big volume manufacturing runs.

Small kerf: Another key benefit of fiber lasers is their reduced kerf, or cut breadth.  These machines produce almost no waste material because they use a very thin beam of light, which cuts down on the time and cost associated with processing scrap metal.

Disadvantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With all of the benefits, there are certain disadvantages to fiber laser cutting machine that need to be considered. The following are a few disadvantages of using a fiber laser cutter:

Increased complexity: Compared to other metal cutting techniques, the machine’s complexity may result in greater training and maintenance expenses. Because of the technology being employed, there is also a higher chance of downtime, which could cause lost revenue. 

Limited access: At the moment, the materials that fiber lasers can cut are limited. Although most metals can be cut with this technique, some materials, like copper, brass, and aluminum, might not work well with it.

Expensive: The high expense of fiber laser cutting machine is one of its main disadvantages. Because end-user models can be highly costly, they might not be a practical choice for companies with limited funding.

Poor ventilation: While uncommon, it is possible for laser cutting fumes to get trapped in the cutting area. Poor ventilation has the potential to cause both operator pain and harm to the machine itself.

All things considered, fiber laser cutting machine have several benefits, including high processing speeds and accuracy, low running costs, excellent edge quality, and versatility in material processing. But before purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, keep in mind the high entry cost, increased complexity, restricted access, and poor ventilation.

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